Extra Curricular Academic Activities

Internships – Agreements with companies for internships are conducted through the Internship Sector of the USP Polytechnic School.

Monitoring – Some of the undergraduate disciplines have monitors from the Teaching Improvement Program (PAE), which is comprised of postgraduate students that are doing an internship with a PRO professor, helping to teach undergraduate classes in all of POLI. To this end, they may receive a Capes grant.

Scientific Initiation –This is a research activity for undergraduates.

Extracurricular activities and student organizations

Poli Cidadã is an USP Polytechnic program that encourages students and faculty to engage in social welfare activities to strengthen the relations of the University with society.

Poli Júnior, a non-profit organization set up and managed only by USP Polytechnic School students, provides services in the several engineering areas.

CAEP is the USP Production Engineering Student Association.

Gremio Politécnico da USP é the main student association at the USP Polytechnic School and a bridge between the students and the School. Its initiatives help students’ academic life and it represents the student body in POLI’s collegiate bodies.