Fórum LGP de Outubro

Dia: 17 de outubro de 2014
Horário: 18:00

Tema: Moving away from a manufacturing metaphor in software projects  (Não haverá tradução)

Palestrante: Dave Snowden, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Cognitive Edge Pte Ltd

Dave is a popular and passionate keynote speaker on complexity, knowledge management, and decision-support. He is an international authority on the application of complexity theory to organisations, strategy, and decision support . Dave is the originator of the Cynefin framework, and continues to apply and evolve its use as a practical application of complexity theory to management science. He holds an MBA from Middlesex University, and a BA in Philosophy from Lancaster University.

Local: Fundação Vanzolini – Unidade Paulista. Av. Paulista, 967 – 3º andar – sala 301

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